The Anzac Memorial

Honouring service and sacrifice
A physical expression of the spirit and legend of the Anzac — Honouring service, and the Courage, Endurance, and Sacrifice by all servicemen, servicewomen and their families.

On this day

On this day
8 December

1917 — An aircraft was successfully launched from a platform on a gun turret in  HMAS SYDNEY. Permanent platforms were fitted to SYDNEY and MELBOURNE and both cruisers carried fighter aircraft from January 1918

1941 — Japanese forces invaded THAILAND and MALAYA. In the first air action of the Pacific War, aircraft from 1 Sqn RAAF attacked a Japanese convoy off Malaya

1941 — AUSTRALIA announced that it was at war with JAPAN.  Some 17,000 Australians would die during the three and a half year war, 8,000 as prisoners of war