The Anzac Memorial

Honouring service and sacrifice
A physical expression of the spirit and legend of the Anzac — Honouring service, and the Courage, Endurance, and Sacrifice by all servicemen, servicewomen and their families.

On this day

On this day
29 March

1900 — Battle of KAREE SIDING, South Africa. Troops from NSW Mounted Rifles, NSW Lancers, and 1st Australian Horse were part of an Allied force of 9000 men which engaged 3500 Boers. The battle was won by the Allies but at a cost of 189 casualties compared with Boer losses of only 34

1915 — HMAS AUSTRALIA took part in her first operational patrol across the NORTH SEA, with the Grand Fleet

1970 — 35 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, lost its only Caribou aircraft to enemy action during the Vietnam War